Phishing Scam Alert: Tariff Plan Changes

We have recently become aware of a phishing scam attempt on our customer’s Account Manager login credentials. If you have received the below e-mail, it is not from GreenGeeks. The e-mail is attempting to phish for your Account Manager username/password. If you have clicked on the link and continued to provide any information, you may have fell victim to the phishing scam. We recommend that you contact our support immediately or log into your account manager and changing your password.

For your safety, please always visit our website at and click on the Client Login link at the top right hand side of the page.

Below is an example of the e-mail.


Remember, if you aren’t absolutely sure that the e-mail you receive is from GreenGeeks, you are more than welcome to contact our support to double check with us. Phishing scams are all too common and you should use safe practices with any provider that you have online.

4 thoughts on “Phishing Scam Alert: Tariff Plan Changes

  1. GreenGeeks Post author

    No they didn’t “crack” into our e-mail account. They simply mask the From e-mail as When dealing with support, log into your account manager and respond to tickets via our support center.

  2. Joel Huberman

    Thanks for the e-mail alert sent out by GreenGeeks. That alert, and this blog notification, are examples of the great support I feel that I receive from GreenGeeks. Please note that, since I don’t usually read the blog, I would not have known about the problem if GreenGeeks hadn’t sent out the e-mail.

  3. GreenGeeks Post author

    You’re welcome. Be sure to subscribe to our social media & blog to make sure that you’re fully in the know of on-going events, both good and bad.

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