Monthly Archives: May 2010

Memory upgrade completed across fleet of servers.

Since Winter of 2009, we have been provisioning our new servers with 8GB of RAM, however this didn’t mean that our older servers were up to the newest standard’s here at GreenGeeks. Over the last few weeks, our level 3 administrators, NOC technicians and front-lines have been working hard to schedule and upgrade all the servers in our fleet to our standard 8GB of RAM.

We’re pleased to announce that the upgrades are now complete and service for customers is even better than it was before the upgrades!

GreenGeeks launches new eco-friendly initiative

A few weeks ago,  we announced that we launched a new eco-friendly initiative. ”We are very excited by this new initiative” Says Trey Gardner CEO of GreenGeeks. “Since inception our mission has been to be the most eco-friendly web host around and to force others within our industry to go green. This new initiative embraces and expands our original mission by allowing us to branch out our efforts and to start to target different industries. This commitment also works well with our sponsorship of the 40th Earth Day anniversary, Fight For Air climb with the American Lung Association as both the climb and the partnership work to bring us cleaner air.”
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